Chipping a tooth can be an unexpected and alarming experience. Although it may seem daunting, repairing your chipped tooth is relatively simple. Knowing what to expect can help you make the repair process easier for yourself.

But don’t worry. There are several options for repairing your chipped tooth. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about chipped tooth repair, from the different types of repairs to what you can expect during the procedure.

We’ll go over the basics of chipped tooth repair and explain why getting your chip fixed is important as soon as possible.


Types of Chips in Teeth

A chipped tooth can vary in size and shape. A minor chip may involve only a small piece of enamel breaking off from the tooth’s surface. More severe chips can cause the entire corner or edge of a tooth to break off, often leaving jagged edges along the surface of the remaining teeth.

It’s important to know that any kind of chip is cause for concern, no matter how small. Leaving a chip untreated can lead to more serious problems like cavities or even infection down the line.


How to Care for a Chipped Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Depending on the size of the chipped or broken section, it is important to take appropriate measures as quickly as possible in order to prevent debilitating issues to oral health.

First, rinse your mouth with warm water and ensure you don’t swallow any pieces chipped away. Then, please book an appointment with your dentist immediately so they can assess the severity of the chipped or broken tooth and decide which treatment is best suited for you.

In some cases, it may be necessary to use a filling or crown material to repair the chipped or broken section; however, in others, only a simple polish may be needed.

Regardless of how to fix a chipped tooth, communicating with your dentist about how best to care for a chipped tooth should help you maintain a strong and healthy smile!



Home Remedies for a Chipped Tooth

Many people experience a chipped or broken tooth at one point in their lives. If this happens to you, don’t worry: several home remedies are available to fix this issue quickly and easily.

The most common fix is using dental wax or sugar-free gum over the chipped tooth. This fix will protect the tooth from further breaking and relieve any discomfort or sharp pain that can occur when biting down on the area.

Additionally, you can try rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater to help reduce swelling and clear the area of any debris that may have resulted from the chip.

Most importantly, make sure to see your dentist as soon as possible, as only they can assess the damage and determine if any further treatment is needed.


Treating a Broken or Chipped Tooth

mending chipped tooth leichhardtThe treatment for chipped or broken teeth will depend on how extensive it is. For minor chips, dentists often use dental bonding materials made from resin or porcelain-like substances that match the colour and texture of your existing teeth.

When more severe chips occur, dentists may use dental crowns or veneers to restore your smile back to its original state.


Dental Bonding or Filling

Dental bonding or filling is a fast and safe process that can be used for cracked tooth repair. It’s an excellent choice for restoring cracked, chipped, decayed, gapped, or simply misshapen teeth.

A special resin is applied directly to the tooth structure after a qualified dental professional has prepared it and then cured it with a special light. This new material bonds itself securely to the tooth, making it strong and durable.

These materials are applied directly onto the affected area and hardened with an ultraviolet light or laser so they securely bond with your existing teeth structure. The result should look natural and be just as strong as your other teeth!

The resin can also be easily modified with colours and textures to match existing teeth and make them look more natural. With today’s procedures, cracked tooth repairs using dental bonding or filling are almost indistinguishable from real teeth and offer lasting results.


Dental Crown or Cap

A dental crown (or cap) is a restorative treatment that helps to rebuild a damaged tooth. It is used when a filling isn’t strong enough to provide the needed restoration. Placing a crown over the tooth can help to prevent further damage while also giving the tooth strength and stability.

Crowns are custom-made in many different colours and shapes, closely matching the surrounding teeth, providing an aesthetically pleasing result.

Placing a dental crown generally takes two visits, which involve numbing the area, preparing the tooth and taking impressions for the laboratory-created crown.

With proper care and maintenance, dental crowns can last up to 15 years or more, allowing you to confidently get back to your normal routine!


Dental Veneers

Taking care of our teeth is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For those occasions when something unexpected happens and a tooth is chipped or broken, dental veneers provide an innovative solution to fix the problem.

A custom-fitted dental veneer is attached to the front surface of your broken tooth, giving it a natural look and feel. With dental veneers, you don’t have to worry about compromising your self-confidence or having any age spots because of that one imperfection in your beautiful smile.

The application process for getting veneers is simple but best done by professional dentists who use the latest technologies to ensure you get the best result possible. So don’t let a chipped or broken tooth put a damper on your confidence; turn to dental veneers as the ultimate fix!

Ultimately, dental veneers can give you the smile of your dreams in just a few office visits!


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a common dental process used to repair and save teeth that have been severely damaged due to decay. Root canal therapy can be an intimidating prospect, but understanding what it is and how it works can help reduce the anxiety associated with it. It’s a procedure used to fix a chipped or broken tooth, involving the removal of nerve tissue and other material from the tooth’s interior.

Afterwards, your mouth will feel more normal again. Once the treatment is complete, a dental crown or filling may be placed on the affected tooth in order to restore its normal function and appearance.

And rest easy – your dentist will make sure to use only local anaesthetics to perform root canal therapy so that you won’t experience any pain during the procedure!


Dental Implants

In extreme cases of broken or chipped teeth, tooth extraction might be the only solution. However, rest assured that dental implants may be the best solution.

treatment chipped tooth leichhardtDental implants are designed to look, feel, and function like natural teeth and can be just as durable.

This restorative dentistry procedure replaces the entire tooth with a titanium post fused with the jawbone for long-term stability.

Once implanted, it is topped with a custom-made crown that matches the surrounding teeth’ size, shape, and shade. This will create a result that looks natural and complements your overall smile.


Protect Your Teeth From Future Damage

Protecting your teeth from being chipped or broken should be a priority since preventative maintenance is always the best option.

You can use several ways to prevent your teeth from being chipped, such as wearing a mouthguard when playing contact sports, steering away from hard candy and ice cubes, using the proper techniques for brushing and flossing, and visiting your dentist for regular checkups.

Taking preventative action now doesn’t just prevent damage from occurring in the present — it also helps maintain oral health care in the future. Keeping up with preventative measures can help preserve your teeth long-term.



If you have a chipped tooth, it’s essential to seek professional dental help right away. There are different ways that dentists can repair chipped teeth, depending on the severity of the damage.

Repairing a chipped tooth may seem overwhelming but rest assured that it’s actually quite simple! With today’s advanced technology and materials, dentists can quickly restore any chipped area back to its original condition without too much fuss, leaving you with a perfect smile in no time!

No matter what method is used, taking care of your repaired tooth and practising good oral hygiene habits is important. With proper care, your repaired tooth will look and function just like your other teeth! Contact My Local Dentists (previously known as My Local Dentists Leichhardt) on (02) 9171 0840 for help with all your dental needs!



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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