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Orthodontics for straight teeth
Misaligned, crooked teeth can make you feel self-conscious while smiling or talking. Traditional metal and ceramic braces and Invisalign clear trays bring them into the proper position, boosting your confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry for the perfect smile
Stained, yellow, chipped, and uneven teeth create an unsightly smile that can impact your social interactions. They can be fixed with cosmetic procedures such as veneers and teeth whitening.

Dental implants to replace missing teeth
Teeth that are missing due to trauma or disease can be easily replaced with prosthetics made of biocompatible materials that look, feel and function exactly like real teeth.

What are Invisalign clear trays?

Invisalign clear trays are a great alternative to traditional braces. Custom-made with food-grade plastic, they fit onto your teeth to move them into the correct position, giving you the perfect smile. These clear trays need to be replaced every two weeks in order to apply the correct pressure to teeth so they move into place. 

They are ideal for adults whose jawbone has stopped growing and who want a discreet way to improve their smile. 

Invisalign works faster than metal braces but is not effective in treating complex malocclusion cases for which braces are the only option.

Who needs cosmetic dentistry near Northbridge?

Cosmetic dentistry is the ideal solution for people looking to get a radiant smile by hiding dental imperfections and gaps between their teeth.

Chipped teeth, those with enamel imperfections like stains and bumps or teeth that are misshapen or too small can all be made more aesthetically pleasing with the help of porcelain or composite resin and teeth whitening treatments. 

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are gaining popularity because they are proven to improve likeability and boost confidence so people can shine in personal and professional interactions and also because they are minimally invasive, long-term solutions to unsightly teeth.

We’ve created hundreds of perfect smiles

At My Local Dentists, we have a team of highly qualified, skilled dentists who bring with them vast experience in creating beautiful smiles through preventive, cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. 

We offer the latest treatment techniques with the help of modern technology and have a caring, gentle attitude that calms anxious patients and converts first-time patients into long-term ones!

We have five locations around Sydney, making us the perfect choice for people living and working in most of the suburbs of the city, including Northbridge.

We accept all major forms of payments, from credit cards to insurance and health funds.


Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants may be one of the more costly dental treatments, but their advantages far outweigh the cost as they are a permanent solution to missing or diseased teeth. 

They are indistinguishable from natural teeth because of the customised ceramic or porcelain crown that is created especially to fit in that space and coloured and matches the patient’s natural tooth colour.

Dental implants are a good alternative to dentures which are fiddly and loose and can be an inconvenience. They require no more care than real teeth and can be maintained with a proper oral hygiene routine that includes brushing twice a day, flossing and visiting your dentist regularly.

Teeth whitening near Northbridge

People may opt for teeth whitening treatment for a number of reasons

Some teeth have a natural yellowish colour, while others can become stained or yellowed due to age and lifestyle choices. People who smoke or chew tobacco or drink too much red wine, coffee or tea tend to have more stains on their teeth than people who have a healthier lifestyle. 

We offer in-chair or home kits for teeth whitening, using industry-leading brands to ensure you have a safe and comfortable procedure with minimal risks and side effects. 

Teeth whitening procedures can last up to three years, depending on the care taken to maintain your teeth. 

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

What dental services do you provide near Northbridge?

My Local Dentists have five locations around Sydney where we provide the full range of dental services for the entire family, including

  • restorative dentistry
  • cosmetic dentistry
  • general dentistry
  • emergency dentistry
  • preventive dentistry
  • orthodontics 
  • oral surgery
Which type of emergency dental treatment do you provide near Northbridge?

If you require emergency dental care near Northbridge, dentists at our Leichhardt Marketplace dental practice are the ones you need! 

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled dentists who have experience in managing dental emergencies, whether over the phone for temporary pain management or in person when you come in for treatment. 

We provide high-quality dental care for the following emergencies:

  • dental abscess
  • broken or chipped tooth
  • displaced dental fillings, dental crowns and bridges
  • children’s dental emergencies
  • soft tissue injury 
  • broken dentures and braces
Are cosmetic treatments covered by insurance?

Dental veneers and teeth whitening are not covered by Medicare in Australia, but private insurers may offer insurance for it if you buy into the relevant plan.

How qualified are your dentists?

My Local Dentists has built a team of highly qualified dentists who have at least a Bachelors of Dentistry from Australian Universities. They all hold other degrees and regularly undertake training and courses to stay current with advances in the dental world. 

My Local Dentists are accredited by the Australian Dental Association, and we participate in monthly study meetings to ensure we provide the best quality treatment to our patients.

What are the worst foods for oral health?

Sugary foods and drinks that stick to the enamel of your teeth encourage the growth of bacteria which eat away at the surface of the teeth until they reach the inner part of the teeth and infect the dental pulp and gun tissues or inflame the dental nerves. 

For good oral health, sugary foods and drinks should be eliminated from your diet, and if you do consume them, you must brush your teeth thoroughly to remove any sticky build-up on the teeth.

What are the signs of good dental health?
  • Some signs of a healthy mouth are 
  • White, sturdy teeth
  • Pink, firm gums
  • No bleeding from gums
  • No bad breath

If you notice a change in your dental health, it is important you contact your local dentist to investigate the cause and treat the problem. 

Do you offer cosmetic dentistry near Northbridge?

My Local Dentists in Leichhardt Marketplace is just a few minutes drive from Northbridge and offer highly-rated cosmetic dentistry services. 

Dr Thomas Choi is accredited by Invisalign, and Dr Alice Im has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. 

Dr Raymond Hua, the third principal dentist at our clinic achieves high-level aesthetic results with the help of cosmetic dentistry procedures.