Full or partial dentures are a popular way to provide replacement teeth. Unfortunately, though, they were never designed to be a permanent solution. While constructed from durable materials and custom made using the latest dental technology, no matter how meticulous your oral health care routine is, you’ll eventually need to get a replacement set.

So how long do dentures last


The average lifespan of dentures

A quick answer to your question, how long do dentures last? is around 5 to 7 years. But there are always exceptions to this rule. You may need to replace some around the 5-year mark, whereas other dentures may last up to 15 years.

Make sure you follow all advice from your dentist about caring for your dentures and maintaining your oral health with false teeth. Dentures are relatively easy to clean. Simple things like ensuring you always keep them in cool water when you’re not wearing them can ensure they don’t age prematurely. 


Signs your dentures need replacing

signs how long do dentures last leichhardt

  • Quality custom-made dentures should fit your mouth correctly and stay in place while you eat and chew. If your false teeth are slipping or falling out, they may need adjusting or replacing. 
  • You should be able to speak normally with clear pronunciation while wearing your dentures. If your speech sounds slurred, or you can hear your dentures while you’re talking, it’s time to visit the dentist. 
  • Your dentures should fit comfortably and not cause irritation or injury to your mouth and gums. Oral health is still important when you have dentures, so contact your dentist if you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or irritation. 
  • Your teeth have become discoloured or look fake. This is usually a tell-tale sign that they’re due for replacement. 

While it may be tempting to try and use over the counter products like denture adhesive as a DIY fix to these common issues, it’s better for your oral health and the longevity of your dentures that you book in for a check-up. 

A quick fix can get you out of a jam if you’re waiting for your appointment, but your dentures may last longer if you see your dentist for advice. 


How long do dentures last? Repair vs replacement

If you’re worried about damaging your dentures, you’ll be glad to know they can often be serviced to help extend their lifespan.

In some cases, it is possible to adjust or repair your denture. Dentists can sometimes reline or rebase your existing dentures to improve their fit and prevent problems like slipping or gum irritation. It is also possible to replace a missing acrylic tooth. While this may not increase the longevity of your dentures, it will help ensure yours don’t need premature replacement.  


Are dental visits still required when you have dentures

Even though dentures don’t need the same kind of dental check-up as part of an oral health care schedule that natural teeth do, you still need to see your dentist regularly, preferably annually.

Remember that oral health isn’t just for teeth; it also checks your gums and overall mouth condition. During this appointment, your dentist will be able to answer the question ‘how long do dentures last?’ for you. They’ll assess whether your dentures need, or are likely to need, maintenance, repair, or replacement. 

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