Have you ever wondered how to fix a chipped tooth

A chipped tooth is a type of dental trauma caused by a fall, bike or car accident, playing contact sports without wearing a mouthguard, or biting into hard foods such as candy or ice. The damage may be inconspicuous, or it can be extensive, involving more tooth structures. Fortunately, most incidences of chipped teeth are not severe. But, it is important to visit a dental emergency clinic right away to prevent larger cracks on the tooth and potential infection.

At My Local Dentists Leichhardt, our emergency dentist offers several procedures to restore a chipped tooth to good health and pristine appearance.


How to Fix a Chipped Tooth 5 Ways

When you meet our emergency dentist for a chipped tooth, they will first assess the tooth and its surrounding gums to help determine the most effective treatment to save the tooth. The treatment you receive will depend on the tooth’s location and the severity of the damage.



  • Dental bonding

Dental bonding is the simplest way to fix a chipped tooth with minor damage. This cosmetic dental procedure reshapes the cracked tooth using a tooth-coloured composite. The filling material will be layered over the tooth; then, it is moulded, hardened, and polished to repair the chipped tooth enamel and revitalise its look.


  • Tooth fillings

Your emergency dentist may recommend a tooth filling for a chipped or broken back tooth due to dental decay, which has compromised the tooth structure. This treatment involves the placement of durable composite material on the damaged tooth to restore its function.

However, this is only recommended for decay or damage that has not involved the tooth pulp. For this type of damage, an emergency dental treatment such as a root canal is ideal.


  • Dental veneers

A dental veneer can be a good fix if you head to the emergency dental clinic with a chip on the front tooth. A dental veneer is the go-to aesthetic treatment if you want your smile to look as natural as possible. Dental veneers can modify the size, colour, shape, and overall look of a chipped tooth to elevate your smile. Our emergency dentist provides options such as porcelain or composite veneers, depending on your needs and budget.


  • Crowns

The emergency dental team may recommend a dental crown if you have significant damage to your tooth. This is placed over the whole of the tooth’s visible part to protect it and reinforce its structure and strength. Crowns can be made from porcelain or metal-porcelain, both with optimal aesthetic appearance and function to create a long-term restoration.  


  • Root canal

teeth chipped fixes leichhardtIf the damage involves the pulp, emergency dental care is required to prevent severe pain and infection that may cost you your tooth. Our emergency dentist will perform a root canal procedure to clean the tooth and remove bacteria. Then, the final restoration can be a dental onlay or crown.

So now you know how to fix a chipped tooth with relatively minor damage. But what happens if the tooth has cracked and split in two? 

The options above are only advised if the tooth is still restorable. The earlier you visit a dental emergency clinic, the better the chances of saving your tooth. However, extraction may be a better solution if the tooth can no longer be preserved. Afterwards, our emergency dentist will help you explore tooth replacement options such as a dental bridge or implant. 


Same-Day Emergency Dental Care at Leichardt

You should never delay getting treatment for a chipped tooth. Schedule a visit with our emergency dentist at Leichardt Marketplace Dental as soon as possible. We have a team of friendly professionals committed to providing you with urgent pain relief and efficient treatments. We have also invested in modern equipment and innovative techniques to give you peace of mind in the presence of a dental emergency.

If you want to know more about how to fix a chipped tooth and our other emergency dental services, call us at (02) 9171 0840 and we will be ready to help.





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