If you’re considering dental implant treatment to replace missing or damaged teeth, you may wonder why the dental implant cost is so high. 

Dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement. That alone is sufficient warning that dental implants cost considerably more than other tooth replacement options such as bridges and dentures.  


So, how much do dental implants cost?

Dental implants cost between $3000 and $5500 per implant in Australia. 

It’s difficult to give an exact dental implant cost because every patient and every case is different. Because there are so many variables to consider, the only way to determine what your dental implants cost is to get a free consultation at your local dental clinic. 


4 factors that influence the cost of dental implant treatment



Location matters

The cost of living varies from city to city, as does the cost of dental implant treatment. Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia as dentists naturally experience higher running costs which are passed down to their customers. On the contrary, Hobart and Adelaide are the cheapest capital cities to live in, so dental treatments such as implants are likely to be more affordable. 


Type of implant

A study of dental implants reported a 90-95% success rate over ten years. Similar to other products, the cost of implants depends on the quality and design. Longevity is another factor that drives up the price. Proven top name brands such as Straumann, DIO Navi and Nobel Biocare invest thousands of dollars a year in research and development, design, and clinical testing, which is why these brands command higher prices than lesser-known brands. 


Dental experience

If you visit a dentist specialising in dental implants the cost will be considerably higher than if you choose a general dentist. On average, specialist dentists charge 20-30% more per hour than general dentists. 

Even so, general dentists spend hours undergoing continuous education and learning the latest innovations and techniques to provide their patients with a better service. And these costs all have to be recouped.

In other words, you pay for expertise. Visit this website. 


The complexity of dental implant treatment

treatment cost implant dentistry leichhardtThe more complex your case, the higher the dental implant cost. The number of dental implants required, the location in your mouth, and your oral health condition can all bump up the cost of dental implants. 

If you happen to have gum disease, this will have to be addressed prior to dental implant treatment. Dental implants must be placed in a healthy mouth and jawbone to lessen the risk of implant failure. 

Tooth extraction may be necessary before your dental implants can be placed, which will add cost and time to the overall dental implant procedure. 

As well as healthy gums, a patient needs dense, strong bone, and if this isn’t the case, you may require a bone graft to regenerate new bone. A sinus lift may be necessary if you have dental implants in your upper jaw, and again, this increases the dental implant cost. 

While the initial cost of dental implants is undoubtedly high when you consider longevity and convenience compared to dentures and bridges, it’s surely a price worth paying. Why not schedule a free dental consultation near you to discuss dental implant costs and payment options? 


Are you ready to start your dental implant journey?

At My Local Dentists Leichhardt, a dentist that offers a free consultation will be happy to discuss your best tooth replacement options and provide you with a quotation. Call us today on (02) 9171 0840 or use our online booking service. 



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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